Saturday, January 26, 2013

Apple's 4.8 inches iPhone rumours with 3 iPhone releases

Just after the launch of any Apple device rumours start to heat up for the next version but this time there is a twist in the tail. Rumours are that Apple is looking for three different releases of their iPhone with one being a 4.8 incher targeting the likes of Samsung's Galaxy S3 or note and also other Android competitors. This 4.8 inches iPhone will be called "iPhone Math", this is according to a report from China Times via Apple’s supply chain.
We are already expecting the next version of iPhone the iPhone 5S to be releasing somewhere around June and add up to that is the iPhone Math will be release during the same time may be same day. Now the most unlikely rumour is that Apple will be coming out with a 12MP camera iPhone at the end of the year, the interesting part is that there is nothing different about the device except the camera, so this might be the iPhone 5S's camera bumping up to 12MP. All these rumours seem quite irrelevant except the iPhone 5S because with the release of iPhone 5 Apple was pushing on usability of iPhone with one hand and in just a year they can't change plans to just compete in the market, thats really not Apple like and also the Math name is not how Apple name it's devices. Well this is a good time to buy an iPhone5 and whatever is releasing is a little away and will not be that much significant as long as Apple is not looking for a phablet version of the iPhone.

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