Monday, January 28, 2013

Force lock screen to portrait, use apps the way you want

I just updated my device to jelly bean and was very unhappy about the new update disabling the feature to shift lock screen to landscape mode. Just then I realised that I am using android and anything is possible in this app world. Now you might be thinking about rooting the device and getting the access to rotate the screen, but no this thing is possible without rooting the device. I just came across a free app called Ultimate Rotation Control and will just put a link at the end of the post.
Now this is one of the very simple apps to use, it by default gives the option to auto rotate the screen, so I just installed and opened the app and it just worked fine. The app has other options as well for forcing the device to landscape or portrait and also has got a cool toggle in the notification bar to make changes with just a tap. And adding to this I was quite happy about playing temple Run in the landscape mode it gave me more space to control the running man with wider gameplay my hands were not coming in the way, so just hit the link below and enjoy rotating your device the way you want.

Soft-Gets Rating : 4.5/5

Download from Play Store: Ultimate Rotation Control 

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