Monday, January 21, 2013

get ready for flexible devices as Korean researchers develop flexible battery

A team from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have developed flexible battery for devices like phones and tablets. They have developed a fluid like polymer electrolyte which is more flexible then the batteries we have now. This year in CES we have seen a prototype phone using this battery with a flexible display and it can be bent without any distortions in the display.

the day is not far when we will have folding gadgets

Well this look a thing of the future and will be tried and tested many time before it finally reaches customers for use in the daily lives. The prototype phone was using a screen which is called Willow and is a product from the manufacturers of Gorilla Glass which is widely used in mobile devices. The use of flexible batteries is a little far but we can expect Willow being used in the top phones any time soon, may be in Samsung's Galaxy S4 or Apple's iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S.

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