Monday, January 21, 2013

How about eating a $300,000 burger

Why spend too many, aaah……. its even more than to many, for a hamburger paying $300,000 is a foolish deal. But how come a hamburger cost so much.? well a kitchen made burger will not cost that much but how about a lab made? Yes this is the approximation of the price of a 3D printed Hamburger. 3D printing using plastics might be little cheaper but bio-printing isn't that cheap at all, it is still in its infancy.
We can expect a 3D bio-printer prices coming as low as a microwave oven in 50 years time or may be less but not any time soon. So for getting a meal ready you will still have to hit the kitchen or a shop. This is how BBC explains the technology:
[I]nstead of traditional ink or a material like plastic, the 3D printer cartridge contains something called bioink made of hundreds of thousands of live cells. Once printed in the desired shape, the bioink particles naturally fuse to form living tissue. This process of bioprinting biomaterials is similar to attempts to print artificial organs for transplants - but the result could well end up in your frying pan.

via: BBCgizmodo

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