Friday, January 4, 2013

RIM sticking to the keyboard in the new image leaks of BB10

The physical keyboard has been one of the reasons of RIM's success with Blackberry, but things have changed in the last few years as people are making the transformation to the age of touch screens. RIM has also tried out with the touch screens versions of Blackberry but the major concern was the OS.
Now as the BB10 OS is just around the corner and expectations are high from Blackberry fans, a small touchscreen with a keyboard doesn't make sense compared to what Android and iPhone has to offer. Well these are still the image leaks so there is no guarantee that this will be the final device in the markets and not even that BB10 will have a keyboard or not, but as far as the leaks are concerned, looks like RIM is looking to do what they were always doing. Even from the Blackberry fans reactions to these images were not great according to CrackBerry which is the most popular site for RIM news and has got Blackberry Loving readers. We will have to wait and see what RIM has to offer till it officially launches on 30th of January.

via : CrackBerry

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