Sunday, January 20, 2013

Windows Live messenger to die in march

Microsoft is all set to end the services of its messenger better known as live messenger or msn messenger. This decision wasn't quite a surprising one as Microsoft's messenger services were struggling to keep up the pace with the likes of other and better services in the market. You can also blame Facebook for this decline with people less in need of an instant messaging service.
What Microsoft is doing is switching people who are still using the services to Skype which they recently bought and has higher number of active users compared to the Windows Live/MSN messenger. Microsoft will close services from 15th of March this year, although services on Xbox will be available for a while but will soon close as well. The shut down will be global but China will still be able to use the services and will stay live there as it is provided by a local firm under Microsoft's licence. If you are still stuck to messenger services of Microsoft its time to make a switch to Skype and you can directly login to Skype with the same live id and all your contacts will automatically be synced up.

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