Saturday, February 2, 2013

Apple and Google loosing trust of American Customers

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Apple and Google are one of the most trusted brands but the time is changing for both Google and Apple at least in the US. It may be because of the other brands improving their services but what about these two tech giants? According to Ponemon Institute's privacy report the two companies wasn't even able to make it to the top 20 of the list in which Apple was 14th and Google was 19th last year.
Companies like Facebook, AOL and Yahoo was once part of the top list but even they lost their places a few years back. We can easily see a pattern here, all these companies in a way has excess to your personal data or information and this is what is making people a little worried about their privacies with these brands. As the internet use and sharing personal information is increasing, people want brands they can fully trust with the surety that their information is secure. Almost half the number of people who took part in this study, said that they have at least received one data breach notification in the past year. The list is topped by American Express followed by HP and Amazon, with eBay also making into the list, clearly shows that things are not bad if companies can improve their services and security.
top 20 companies in America for privacy

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