Thursday, February 14, 2013

Apps to make your valentine's day unforgettable

Apps for the Valentine's day
The day is finally here the one u were waiting for, but if u want to make this day unforgettable then you must try moving to the cloud. Hang on, no, not fly to the clouds, its a tech blog and we are talking technology, so this is about the tech cloud. So here is an infographic with the apps you need to try out to plan your day of love. First start up with Coby to plan your dinner and movie for the day, then time for finding some good Valentine gifts from Pinterest.
Now if you are looking for some time filling adventures in the breaks in between a movie and dinner find for near-by time filling adventures with What's Next App. To meet your valentine you will need to be there with her or him, so on this busy day parking will be an issue at places and also getting a cab on this busy day, aaahhh…. things to worry about but try Uber which will take care of all these things. Sometimes things doesn't go the way you planned and if things are getting a bit boring just fake and incoming call or SOS using Date Escape to escape from the situation. Now the last one for those long distance lovers, iMeet for your face to face virtual communication.

Valentine's day apps infographic
via - PGI

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