Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is texting hurting your Grammer?

We all are into texting and to make the message short or we can say to cut down on cost we have evolved our languages as well. We not only use the texting language while we are texting but this new language has found some new usages as well, using it in IMs, emails, social networks and other places. We are using it, if not more than the proper english language at least more than we are reading books about English.
We use a language where "you" has chaged to "u" and "to" to "2" and there are some LWCDS (long words cut down short) things as well, like LOL, OMG, FYI and so many more. The main problem is that Middle school students are the most likely to use techspeak and this is the time when students' learn the language. Making things more worse, according to a survey 43% of teenagers got a cell phone primarily for text messaging and the age group 13-17 text usage is the highest. Know more about this serious issue, LOL…. from this infographic below c u l8tr.

infographic texting effecting grammer
via - Online College

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