Friday, February 1, 2013

RIM is now Blackberry with new Z10 release

RIM or Research In Motion Ltd finally announced the new line of BB10 line up and with this they also announced that, RIM will now be called BlackBerry. People know them well as BlackBerry but changing the brand name to from RIM which was their identity since 1985 was a little surprising. The launch was delayed two times because of the work the company was putting in their operating system and any more delay and things would have gone worse for RIM.
BB10 OS is kind of inheritance from Android so 40 Per Cent of it′s Apps are Android Conversions, which is good for Blackberry because this will give boost to their app library and attract more consumers. Blackberry will start things of with BlackBerry Z10 Black and White which will soon be getting available across the globe starting from Britain. Now Blackberry for the time being will look to take that 3rd spot after Android and iOS in the OS market and then look to challenge the likes of Android and iOS which look very far from the present moment. Whatever happens in the future but things are really not bad for BlackBerry.

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