Monday, February 4, 2013

WhatsApp is saving your contacts by breaking privacy laws

whatsApp infographic
An inquiry by Canadian and Dutch investigators has revealed that the Messaging service WhatsApp is saving the numbers to their server. According to the investigators only the iOS version of the app gives users the option to manually add contacts making it a little secure and giving users all the control over their contacts, but in other OSs like Android, blackberry and more the option is missing and is giving whatsApp access to users' contacts.
WhatsApp on the other hand has said that it is hashing the numbers making it anonymous and secure in their database, but the investigators are not happy with this at all and are claiming that the data can be accessed with little efforts. As such type of privacy breaking is not accepted through out the world so WhatsApp has agreed to take action on this and give users the control to manage what they want to do with their contacts.

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