Friday, March 8, 2013

Facebook is all set for a new look

Facebook news feed new design
Facebook is about to get a UI(user interface) update which will make the Facebook experience more unified across all devices. The main focus of this Facebook design update is to remove all the clutter from the news feed and make it more engaging and fun to use. Now the desktop UI will look more like what you experience in the phone and tablets but with better and bigger images and information.
The images will not just be small thumbnails but a bigger view of the image with a separate photos feed as an option. The shared links will have much more information and bigger images, the upcoming events will show in the news feeds with useful information. The sidebar will now be more like the phone's sidebar, sliding out only when you need it. The new design looks impressive and I am waiting for the rollout, to finally test it out and see how it can improve the Facebook experience.

via - Facebook

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