Monday, March 25, 2013

Google keep, do we need it..?

Google finally came up with some note taking service but I am not to sure that it will be able to stay for a long time. This is just another Google product which is expect to end before it even started. Google Keep is not a bad project but note taking is a thing which is well dominated by Evernote and they are doing good with the service, you have clients for every platform and they are all free. Google Keep is all synced up with Google drive and it could be just a little add up to Google's cloud service which some people will love using, specially those who use Google docks to store random thoughts.
Google Keep is really not a bad option to keep if you are in Google ecosystem with Gmail, docs, drive and other services. It has got the usual note taking option and one can also add checklists and photos to the notes with ease. It also has the option to add voice memos, you can add colour tags to the notes you take and also has to option to drag notes, allowing you to put the important notes at the top so you know what matters more. There have been speculations that Google notes will shut down in 2017 and this was calculated keeping in mind the time Google gives to a project to test wether it is working or not. So its just entered as an option to take notes with the power of Google and may be for some users Google Keep will be a good alternative to Evernote, but I would say its certainly not a bad option to try out and who knows Google just push it a little bit more to make it more useful. To download Google Keep just hit the Google Play store link below.
Google Play - Google Keep

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