Monday, March 11, 2013

Saving a website article in pdf without any extension

save webpage as pdf free
Reading articles is helpful but reading an article while surfing could be a little mood distracting, but you really don't want to loose that article. Yes you can use some bookmarking services or article saving services but what better to have an offline copy of the article with just a few clicks and if you are into keyboard shortcuts just cmd+p or ctrl+p.
The only requirement for this is that you are using Google Chrome. Chrome has an inbuilt pdf reader and it opens .pdf files and can also save pages as .pdf files. So whenever you hit into some interesting article that you can read later on just navigate to file -> print or hit the keyboard shortcut just change to destination to save as pdf, just a little customisation and hit save. If you are still not clear, here is a video, see this in action. To make things more readable you can use extension like Clearly.

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