Friday, March 15, 2013

Will Google reader die this July and what next

Google has announced the list of services they will be axing this summer and surprisingly Google Reader is one of those. Personally I was not expecting Google to take that move because still it has got a good number of followers. I might not be using Google reader directly but I do use it to subscribe and then sync it to my preferred news readers on my mac or the tablet or even in the phone. In the recent few years Google has noticed a decline in the number of users, that may be because of the usage of the service in a similar way like I do, instead of visiting Google reader's site better of getting the news downloaded to the readers or importing subscription list to other services.
Although we cannot say that Google will close it because many Google reader lovers are against this move and they are doing what ever they can to make a turnover. According to Google they will be ending the service from July 1, 2013 and if they do close the service this is a good time for other services to catch the space. The best service I could think of is Feedly and in a recent blog post it has promised that it will be getting in some more servers to be the next RSS service. At the moment it is not yet ready to take that server load but Feedly at the moment looks to be one of the services that could take advantage of Google Reader's death. Other services like Pulse, Flipboard and some more are also in the queue.

via - Google Official Blog

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