Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apple's battle with the world's smartphone manufacturers

Why Apple sue smartphone companies
Apple has been very much in the news, suing other smartphone manufacturers, specially Samsung in the recent times. Some people might consider it not being good for tech, but if you think from Apple's head, this sounds more logical. Apple was the one who started this smartphone industry with the iPhone, yes there was something called smartphone before that as well but they were surely not that smart.
Apple knew that being the first company in the smartphone market, they will have to deal with copy cats and this happened as well, every company which was in the phone market started making smartphones. Other companies making smartphones was not at all bad for the industry, soon came the Android and suddenly everything changed. Apple found a new competitor OS, which was free, open source and everyone can use it, this new OS changed everything for Nokia and Samsung. Samsung took the opportunity and is today the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world and on the other hand Nokia has lost its way. Before the iPhone, the parts of the iPhone and the iPad already existed but Apple was the first one to put it all together and make something more than useful. And now when Apple see others dominating they just can't sit back because it was somehow their idea, so they try to sue others, to take something out of it. Everyone new iPhone will be a success because of the name Apple has in the market and they didn't disappoint anyone with it. Now this battle of Apple with other companies is profitable for Apple and in a way it is good for the users as well, because the companies now know that copying is not the best thing to do and that forces them to innovate with their devices.

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