Sunday, April 14, 2013

First thoughts on Facebook home

Facebook home review
This certainly looks to be a big project for Facebook and I can assure you that the way it is built, it will impress you for the first few minutes. I was impressed with the way it looked and smoothness of the app was awesome, but that was just the first few minutes.
First if you are not willing to pay much for the data you use on your phone, then you might have to consider something else because the launcher or the home screen replacement from Facebook is a news feed of your friends' posts on Facebook. You might find it annoying, getting up in the morning and your phone welcomes you with a weird posts or may be a photo of someone you don't like. The Facebook home is little limited on the functionality part as well, specially compared to Nova or Apex launcher, which I prefer using on my Android device, but the new Facebook messenger with a feature called chat heads has really impressed me and I am not using the full Facebook home but using this chat head thing for my daily conversations. It is good in some parts but need lot more in the a few areas and may be some improvements in the future will make it more useful then annoying some of us.

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