Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Netflix planning to enter the HTML5 age

Netflix HTML5 video streaming
We are in the age of modern web, in simple words, the age of HTML5. HTML5 is the modern web markup language, so use of video streaming on the web is getting native and we no more need extra plugins like flash or silverlight to stream videos.
I think the things are getting a little technical here but nothing too complicated and coming back to Netflix, it uses Microsoft's silverlight to stream Videos on your web browsers. Recently Google announced that Netflix is available for Chromebooks and in order to make this possible Netflix used HTML5 capabilities to stream their content. The problem here is that plugins don't work well with the mobile browsers and its is very annoying when you get something like this:

So Netflix is planning to move their services to HTML5 making the content cross platform. This might take a bit of time keeping in mind the DRM(Digital Rights Management.) requirements but looking forward it is certainly a good move.

via : Netflix tech blog

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