Monday, July 22, 2013

Older People are boring and younger are more friendly

number of Facebook friends with age
Now there is mathematical proof that as you grow older you become more boring and less friendly. Mathematician Stephen Wolfram analysed data from Facebook to calculate the data science of the World of Facebook. He found out that as the age of user increases the number of Facebook friends decreases, indicating that ether you are getting boring or you are afraid about being in new unknown virtual relations, more likely is that as you grow older you tend to understand people better and realising the virtual relations are not doing any good for you.
The data also shows that how the users' relationship statuses change with the growing age and no I didn't mean that married people are boring in any sense :P
The number of friends in Facebook decreases with growing age and in some parts of the World people make more friends compared to other parts.
People in Brazil, Philippines and Norway make more friends compared to the other part of the World, this might be because they are more open to virtual relations or have much time to talk to some random people, whatever it is, the data rates them at the top.

The maximum number of users on Facebook are between the age groups 20-30, so we can say that Facebook has got the young generation and most of them will not want to have old people in their friend list. Adding to the age factor of things it has got the data for the most common words used in the status of people on Facebook. So if you want to dig deep into the data and work of Stephen Wolfram, just follow the "via" link below.

via - Stephen Wolfram Blog

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