Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pocket save online stuff for reading in one place

Pocket online read later service
If you are one of those who love reading stuff online and discovering new things, then, finding something interesting but not having the time to read it, will be a common thing in your day. There are the old things which we call as bookmarks but sometimes disaster happens, for us a computer crash or a formatted drive is a big disaster and in such type of disasters sometimes the bookmarks are deleted, but hang on there are some better services. Pocket, a service that one can consider as bookmarking service or read later service and is surely the best option available.
It integrates very well with sites like Twitter and other news sites and has got browser extensions as well that helps you save articles to your account. Pocket is a free service available almost everywhere, it has clients for OSX, Android and iOS, the good part of using its apps is the offline reading feature.
Pocket has free apps for OSX, Android and iOS allowing you to read saved articles offline without internet connection with free web version.
Once you save an article in Pocket, it gets downloaded to your device in which you are using the client and you can read the full article offline with no internet. You can easily organise your articles with tags and once you are done reading, you can archive the article for future references or if you think you are done with the article you can easily delete it. It is very easy to save articles from other news readers as well such as feedly, Flipboard and so on, so if you don't have an account you are missing out the best reading experience so just follow the via link below and create your pocket account for free.

via- Pocket

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