Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project Loon taking internet to every part of the World

Google has been working on a project to get internet access to the remaining part of the globe. People don't realise it, but the Majority of the World in not connected to the internet. The main focus of the Loon Project is to get cheaper internet to those places.
This project works with the help of balloons flying in the stratosphere and sending internet signals to the antennas on Earth. The high altitude balloons float over 20Km in the sky, which is over the area where the clouds float or even over where the planes fly.
The balloons float in the Stratosphere and send signals to specialised antennas on the ground to give internet access to the parts of the World where there is no Internet service.
These balloons are controlled with the help of air movements in the Stratosphere. The balloons are powered by solar energy and are controlled from the loon centres on the ground. All the balloons in the air exchange signals with each other and those signals are received on the ground with special antennas. With the use of natural energy connecting the world is a great idea from Google and it will be interesting to see how much impact it can have on the lives.

via- Project Loon

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