Saturday, July 6, 2013

Zynga is not number one Facebook game app maker

Zynga was dominating the game space in Facebook apps until recently, when overtook the market from Zynga. is the company behind mobile game Candy Crush sega and many others. with 150.4 Million users per month is at number one, leading Zynga, which has 150.2 Million users per month.
The company is going good and investors are now looking confident about companies situation at the moment, with only advertising as the main source of income for the company, the profits are good with lots of users.
The data suggests that Candy Crush sega is played more than 600 million times per day. With this growing popularity and user base, Zynga's dominance as the number one Facebook game app maker is now gone and they will have to put some efforts to make it work and retain that spot taken by

via - Business Insider

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