Thursday, August 15, 2013

82 million Indians are now on Facebook, your neighbour will add you very soon

India being the second most popular country in the world has a growing user base on Facebook and the site has managed to catch quite a number of users from the country. India still has a huge number of feature phone users and Facebook's plan to make an app for every phone has really benefited them for a rapid growth in countries like India.
Most of the indian Facebook users access their accounts from mobile devices, clearly showing why Facebook wanted an app for every phone on the planet, but still some phones are left and lets not talk about them.
India has shown a 5% increase from 78 million users in March 2013 to 82 million active users in April-June 2013.
Facebook's overall users base is also showing a rapid increase, which is mainly because of India and Brazil, where people are catching up to the social network very quickly. Now there are so many Indians on Facebook, so the chances are the person next door will add you as a friend on Facebook very soon.

via - Times Of India

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