Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BBM to hit Android with Samsung Galaxy devices

BBM for android
BBM the Blackberry messenger was about to get available on Android and iOS, but it is still not available and there are little signs of it coming out. Some claims are that the BBM will be available on Android first and that too only for Samsung's Galaxy smartphones to begin with.
It was rumoured that BBM will be available on Google's Play Store on 27th of June but there was nothing on the store, just a fake app which got lots of downloads, still the wait is on for the official Blackberry messenger app for Android.
Now, Samsung has conformed that BBM will be getting available on Android and it will be a part of its messaging hub on its Galaxy Devices. Samsung has started working on an ad campaign for the release of BBM on Android which will be available on its Android devices first.
Still no surety that BBM will be available on Samsung app store or Google Play store or it will release or not for other platforms, as it will effect BlackBerry's own sales.

via - CrackBerry

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