Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Explore the past with online collection of 3D fossils

fossils online database
Fossils tell us a lot about our World years back, we learn a lot from them, how the world worked and behaved when the first human was not even born. You can see fossils and see the beautiful history physically with coloured textured rough surfaces in a museum.
Not everyone can visit the museums to see the beauty of these ancient objects, everyone has their own reason for not being able to see them, but there is a solution,
British Geological Service has launched a new online database that gives you online access to the fossils. The database is a collection of thousands of images of fossils and also some 3D models of fossils in the British collection.
The website is a great collection of interactive fossils which can also be rotated to see from every angle how it looks like, now you don't need to schedule a visit to a museum to see fossils, instead you just need a modern web browser that supports HTML5. You can even download those fossils as .ply and .obj files for use in your projects and other things.

via - 3d-fossils.au.uk

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