Saturday, August 24, 2013

Facebook mobile app just for celebrities

Facebook is testing VIP app for celebrities
Facebook is working on an app exclusively for celebrity,s allowing them to manage their Facebook presence and interact with their fans. The app will be made keeping in mind the social needs of celebrities and what all social tools they need to make better connection with their fans.
It looks like Facebook's strategy to push celebrities to Facebook from Twitter, which at the moment is the favourite choice of celebrities.
According to reports the app is called VIP app and is already under test with a small group of celebrities.
The app is in the earliest phase of development and is the next answer of Facebook to other social networks in the space, specially Twitter, which has the highest number of active celebrity users. There is not much information available about the app, like how it works, what functionalities it offers and who is eligible to use the app, but it will be interesting to see what eligibility criteria Facebook uses to make this work.

via - AllThingsD

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