Thursday, August 29, 2013

Facebook to pay $20 million because it used you for ads

Facebook sponsored stories
Facebook was sued by a class action group back in 2011 claiming that Facebook violated their privacy with its sponsored stories. You must have seen some ads on your profile saying that some of your friends have liked it, with their name and small profile picture.
This is what was the main issue, Facebook was using your data to force your friends to click on those ads.
Now Facebook will be paying $20 Million to a class action group who raised voice against the sponsored stories and also Facebook now has added more control in users' hands to manage if they want to be a part of these stories or not.
Sponsored stories are a major contributor to Facebook's profits and this is a major part of Facebook's advertising on the mobile, so it can't be stopped but one now will have control over this which is a fair enough thing.

via - Reuters

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