Monday, August 5, 2013

feedly announces its pro service, $5 per month, no effect on free users

Feedly, the most popular Google Reader replacement and the RSS reader which I use. I have been a big fan of Feedly and I have been using it even before Google announced to shut down Google Reader. Feedly has announced that it will be offering limited lifetime Pro edition service at $5 per month. The Pro service will offer users some features like article search, secure https browsing, Evernote integration and premium support.
Feedly has promised that the Pro features will be increase with time and feedback from the users. The add up Pro service will not effect the Free news reading service form Feedly. Here are some of the FAQ on the site for Pro users:
Where is the money from feedly pro going to?
The funds will finance the hardware needed to make feedly pro generally available and help support the next batch of features.
Will feedly pro include more features going forward?
Yes. We will be introducing new pro features regularly. The next batch of features will be decided on by feedly pro users themselves, as you will get to vote on what features you would like feedly to develop next.
Will feedly pro features be available in other apps?
Yes. feedly desktop is the first pro app but we are making all the pro features available via feedly Cloud API. So you can expect feedly mobile and other cloud apps will take advantage of them shortly.
Are you continuing to invest in the free version of feedly?
Definitely! We will continue to iterate and add new features to the free feedly. If anything, feedly pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster.
Can I ask for a refund?
Yes. If you try feedly pro and are not satisfied, you have 7 days to ask for a refund. Please use your pro support line to ask for a refund.
via : Feedly

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