Friday, August 16, 2013

Nexus 5, Motorola or LG, who is making the new Google phone

Google Nexus 5, LG g2
We had some rumours before suggesting that Motorola might be working on the next Nexus phone, the Nexus 5 and logically that sounds right, as Google owns Motorola and that's why they bought the company.
Some recent rumours are that LG, the company which worked with Google to make the popular Nexus 4 will be coming up with the Nexus 5 as well.
The price of the new Nexus 5 are expected to remain same as the Nexus 4, starting with $299 USD off-contract.
In May LG denied on the claims of the Nexus 5, but it was before the LG G2 came into the spotlight, which is expected to be the next Nexus device or at least similar to it. Nexus 5 is also rumoured to be featuring a 5.2 inches display, which might make the device fall into the phablet category, but they are all the rumours and nothing certain can be said until a much solid leak.

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