Tuesday, August 27, 2013

now Flash drive for gaming consoles, 12GB PS3 coming soon

PS3 12GB model available
The days are gone when people needed more storage, giving up on performance and with the Flash drive the speed of storage has increased and also the preference of performance over size. The flash based PS3 does have less storage, but it does give you the option of increasing the storage with usb ports.
With flash drive the performance of the games saved in the device will be better, game load times will be faster and the drive will be more reliable.
The storage is less but Sony does feel that there are buyers for such devices, this is why the stock will be limited and is only available for Europe, Hong Kong and North America.
According to reports the 12GB PS3 will be available from 18th of August in the US, as earlier there were chances that it will not make its way in US. So for those living on these part and looking for a faster storage option can buy it as it gets available.

via - Engadget

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