Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Now shared photo albums in Facebook, update rolling out

Facebook shared albums
Facebook is one of the top places where people share there personal photos of trips, events and so much more, every happy moment of your life end up as a Facebook album. Facebook has rolled out a new update to the photo albums, which will now, not only let your friends view the album but also allow some selected ones ( the ones you select not Facebook :P ) to upload photos into that album.
Now if you were on a trip with your friends and you all captured some memories of the visit, no need to upload many different albums on every profile ( your own profile and your friends will also upload in their own profiles ) and tag people to let them know. Facebook's new album feature will allow you to create an album and then you can add friends to that album who can also upload to that same album, without creating a new album on their respective accounts.
This is a very nice update, now you will have just a single place to get all the photos from your friends who were on the last trip with you.
Now instead of asking for photos you can let them contribute to the album by allowing them to upload photos they took. So what are you waiting for just go to the photos section in your profile and start using the all new shared albums on Facebook and create memories with your friends and family and sometimes a few acquaintances.

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