Samsung smart watch coming September 4, earlier than Apple

Sasmung Smart Watch

Samsung is reported to be working on something smart, and its a watch that can make calls, browse the web, handle emails and run some apps. The smartwatch came into the picture with rumours that Apple is working on a smartwatch and soon be making an announcement about it, but there is no Apple in the smartwatch market till now and Samsung is all set for an announcement before Apple.

The watch will be running Android, giving it the power of a smart device. Bloomberg has reported that the device might be named as the Galaxy Gear.

The name Gear mean instead of being an individual gadget it could need a smartphone to make it work, acting more like an accessory for your smartphone, something similar to what Google glass does.
Well nothing much can be said about the tech specifications of the device but reports are indicating that it will surely not have a flexible display. So the wait is on for 4th of September, when Samsung will finally reveal its smartwatch offerings.

via – Bloomberg

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