Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yahoo acquired Rockmelt looks like a mobile future for Yahoo

Yahoo buys Rockmelt, stoping services
Remember Rockmelt, the web browser with the Facebook integration, it was powered with Chromium the engine that drives Google Chrome and there was a layer of Facebook on top of it. Yahoo has just acquired the company and all the services from Rockmelt will be shutting down on 31st August 2013.
The company was started in 2010, which caught the eye balls with seamless Facebook integration, the idea of having Facebook all over the Internet was a good enough idea, but people were just not able to connect with the idea or may be the experience was not satisfactory.
In 2011 the company shifted its focus form the social web browser Rockmelt, to the news aggregator Rockmelt, which was a place to discover new content online with some web browsing capabilities.
Even the shift from Social to Social News was not working that great for Rockmelt and then finally this acquisition from Yahoo, which was a good enough reward for 2 years of hard work. To be honest the product is not that great that Yahoo could be benefited from it, so as expected they will be shutting down all the services and this buy is more of a talent catch for Yahoo. Although there is no official word from any of the parties on the amount of the price tag, but it is expected to be somewhere around $60M to $$70M. Well Yahoo has been buying a lot of companies since the new CEO Marissa Mayer has taken over and it looks like now the main focus of the company is on the mobile space and buying some of the noticeable mobile apps it looks to be mobile centric future for Yahoo.

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