Sunday, September 8, 2013

Google Keep review - App just for some quick notes

Google Keep- note taking app
Google Keep is a relatively new entry in the note taking space and when it was first launched, I personally thought its of no use. At that time my notes were well kept in Evernote and Springpad and I was not looking for another note taking app, but soon after I just gave it a shot and tried it for some time.
Google Now is surely not a bad option to have in your workflow, it doesn't have a great management system, its just a simple app with options to take notes, create lists, save pictures and now it can be used for reminders as well.
It cannot be used as a long term note taking application because it is not meant for that, Google Keep can be used for some quick notes on certain tasks you have to finish in few days or may be a week, but not more then that.
With the Google ecosystem and mobile apps availability it is a good option, specially for people who like taking notes every now and then and later work on that idea. Keep has the option to archive notes, so once you are done with the task you can keep it for future references, it has got reminders, so it serves well as a reminder app, if you don't want anything complex and loaded with features to confuse you, this is an app for you. To help you out with managing tasks related to different things, it has got colour options, you can assign a colour to the note, lets say you use the app for your personal and work options, so you can mark the work notes as red and personal notes as blue, making things much more simpler to identify. Google Keep is surely a very good note taking app, yes it lacks organising features like tagging and organising in notebooks and all, but for some random thoughts, its a great app. I personally use it in my workflow, while blogging, I take quick notes in Keep and the take that forward from there and build on the points created in Google Keep, but I am finding it a little difficult to be used for other purposes, but still its a great app. Let me know in the comments section below how you are using this app and is it worth having Google Keep.

Soft-Gets app rating - 4/5
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