Sunday, September 15, 2013

Terminator Polymer : scientists develop a polymer that heals itself

Well you must have seen some SciFi stuff in movies, like terminator in which the robots or cyborgs, whatever you want to call them, can heal themselves, you hit a bullet, a hole is created and then soon in just a few seconds it gets back to normal.
A Spanish team of scientists have developed a polymer that can just do similar stuff, its not a metal but somewhat plasticky, it is technically called "Permanently cross linked poly(urea-urethane) elastomeric network", in short "Terminator Polymer".
The behind the scene details of the project might be complex for some of us to understand and most surely will be patented so getting to that is a little tough but the result looks cool and that is what matters.
The polymer can be cut and it recombines itself with a recovery of 97%. Seeing something futuristic such as this feels good and can't think of applications of the material at the moment but surely it will find some applications in the future.

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