Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bye bye Springpad, closing down services

Springpad shutting down
Just a few days back I got a mail form Springpad, describing that it is shutting down its services from 25th of June. From that day the Springpad will not be available online and the sync services in the mobile apps will stop working. Springpad is now providing the option to save the content by downloading an offline copy of all the content in HTML format, which you can open in any web browser. The other popular option which most will prefer is a direct import to Evernote.
You can save your content on Springpad by visiting the Save My Stuff page on Springpad.
There are rumours that it is more of an acqui-hire by Google and it looks like being conformed by Springpad team that now it is moving to Google. The team will be working on Google’s Play Newstand app, which Google recently launched as its main news aggregator.

As far as Springpas is concerned, it was surely struggling and was playing a catching up game with Evernote clearly dominating the note taking space. I used springpad, but lack of desktop client and other usability factors made me to switch to Evernote for my daily notes. I used springpad as a bookmarking service more than a note taking service and was really finding difficult to make use of it in my daily routine. So never mind how you feel about the service, now it is going off, so do import your content before it gets lost as the service shuts down in a few days time.

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