Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pocket - The article saving service now has premium service

If you read articles online, than chances are, you know about Pocket, a service that allows you to save articles for reading later. Pocket is one of the services which I personally love using and if you love reading online and still not using Pocket, I will recommend you sign up for the free account.
Pocket was a fully free service, but now they have introduced a premium service with some additional features for the ones who are willing to pay and want to do more with the app. This is surely fair enough, supporting developers for such a wonderful service.
The plan starts from $4.99/month or you can go for a little more saving with $44.99/year.

The premium service allows you to save you library permanently, advanced search options and also some recommendations with suggested tags. So if you are looking for a cross platform app for saving your online articles, that you can read offline, just give Pocket a try.

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