Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finding another Earth among dots in the Sky

Go outside and look up at the Sky and start counting the number of Stars. Wait wait, not now, just finish reading this, if it's day outside you will only see one and if night, you will see uncountable number of dots. Now our star, "Sun" has 8 planets (excluding Pluto) and one of them has intelligent beings, "us, Humans". Now think (just little thinking), there are so many stars and like Sun, those Stars also have Planets and could have some living beings, at least in a few Planets.
Finding other planets similar to Earth and looking for life outside the solar system is one of the fields which has fascinated Intellectual minds (if you are reading this you are one of those "Intellectual ones").

Recently in search for finding the Habitable zones, we have started looking into young stars, which is making the search easier. The young stars are hot and the conditions like Earth can be spotted farther away from the parent star. With their location away from parent Star they can be observed with the next-generation of ground based telescopes.
One of the important signs we are looking for, is the temperature of the planet should be able to hold water in liquid state.
A fun fact: Earth, our own planet added water from heavy bombardment of water-rich asteroids. 
So if we are looking to switch planets we can take water with ourselves or may create some water, but we just need it in liquid state, I don't want to switch planets and eat ice or smell vapours when I am thirsty. The search is on for a new place to live and also find some other living creatures.

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