Monday, January 12, 2015

Make the user do the next most obvious thing

People say designing is an easy job, but is it really so easy to turn a 0kb blank file into a great layout photoshop file, of 150MB. A designer needs to keep in mind a lot of stuff, from the user’s age to devices they use and every single detail about the product’s features or a website’s functionality.
Every single pixel you see on the screen has a meaning, there is a designer’s thought, a vision, how s/he wanted you to interact with it.
UI(User Interface), what you see, is just the small and visible part of the overall User Experience (UX). The story behind that design is hidden and you don’t even care what mental stress designers have gone through to create every pixel of it, just to satisfy you. The times when the ideas were flowing, the vision was clear and those times when the mind was out of ideas the designer felt like giving up, all these things are part of a design process to make every pixel speak and drive the user.

A great design always has a direction and a goal in which a designer thinks to make you follow the flow of the design and get the job done. For you it’s all about getting things done and as designers we have to think how we can help you get that task done, taking your less effort and making you do the most obvious things in the design flow. It is important to express with design, what you want the user to do, what message you want to convey, if the message and the flow is not clear, any great design is useless (at first place they are not great at all, they might only be good looking).
It is no more only about the UI, but the overall experience and interaction of a user on your website or application or your pixels. Thinking of the user as the main driver, we as designers need to create effective and powerful tools for them.
Keep creating pixels and help the world get things done by effectively interacting with it…..

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