Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Power of sharing what's in your mind

Let's start from the beginning

We as humans are evolved to share our ideas with other. Sharing is an important part of life as without sharing the inventions would not have happened and we would not have evolved.
What if the idea of apple falling to the earth with gravity would have stayed in Newton's head and never came out. Hmmmm.... may be trampoline would not have been invented without the knowledge of gravity and we would have missed thousands of videos of people falling from it.
No satellites so no Google maps, and may be we would have still believed that jumping too high will take us to the Moon .

Sharing your feelings

Sharing in the digital age

Sharing is evolving , the internet age is making it easy to express but with some loss of information or sometimes incomplete information. One positive in sharing via digital form of communication is, it reduces the awkwardness, you don't have to worry about how you are looking, how you are smelling and things like that, you can directly focus on talking.
But with words its difficult to express everything, your tools are limited, you don't have expressions and eyes to tell the hidden stories (Yes, you do have emojicons but they are also limited ಠ_ಠ ).
We share statuses, photos, videos and other digital content on social media because we want others to know them, share our life experiences, we are proud of having some shareable memories.
The so called offline form of communication is still the most effective way to share the deepest secrets, but it is easier to express them with online form of communication.

Why share?

Now that you have chosen the medium of sharing and the person or persons for sharing what's on your head, why?
Is it really needed to share with others?
If it's a good idea or some experience, yes definitely the world want to know it and you have evolved in such a way that you cannot control the urge of sharing it with others. Sharing things will give you different views and sides of the same idea, it will trigger interactions that will help evolve that idea (It could be a life experience or your next business idea).
Now the problem is we share the best parts of ourselves but what about the other side?
That is where things get a little messy, so let's try to use the power of share to clear things out.

Using the power of Share to remove bad memories

Our brain is where all the actions happen and when we have something with us which is only with us we don't want to loose it.
That is what happens with the bad things, bad experiences, we hide them in our head and they never come out, we remember them as lessons in life, the problem is not lessons but the remember part of it.
We think the time will wash bad memories, but it takes time and bad things are difficult to forget than the good things, because we are constantly reminding our brain not to remember them. Our brain also knows that we are the only one holding that information, so it is important. The story is different with good things, we have shared them and we have backup for that information, so we are not reminding our brains to remember them. Share bad things with someone, so that you don't feel like the only one with that experience, share it, backup your brain. Bad things happen and they will, sharing will give you the options to teach others and allow you to free up your brain and use the extra made space to learn and experience something new.

Now that you have discovered this article, you have the power to share this article, you can share it or keep it in your mind, choice is yours.

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