Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You are the architect of your life

Life without challenges is a life never lived, challenges in life are like thunderstorm and sometimes they hit you very very hard. You can stand in the rain and let it affect you or can save yourself from the light rain with an umbrella, but to fight with the thunderstorm, you will have to build your own house. The house that will shield you from the outside world, that will keep you in the comfort of love, care and knowledge. The World is a tough place and the greatest investment you can make is the investment in yourself.

Teach yourself not to fight but to create your own World, teach yourself how to be an architect, how to build the World around you. Nothing works alone, you can't see every side of things, you need someone to see the other side for you.

We connect and share with people throughout the life, and more or less our relationships shape who we are. Invest in relationships with people who matter to you, the universe will create its own version for you with that relation.
The connections or relations two people share with each other is unique and different in it's own way, its your universe with that person, what you share and live with each other, most of it is with you both. 
You are living in a multiverse of connections and relationships that makes you who you are. The Multiverse of relationships you create will help you build your house, your world and to fight with the hard times, the thunderstorms, which an umbrella can't handle. Investing in your relations is almost like investing in yourself. don't be afraid to connect, who knows which part of life is still hidden from your eyes.

Inspired by a lovely relation in my life, My Chaechu (My elder sister and Mentor)

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