Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's about a productive and motivated team: investing in company culture

Motivation is one of the most vital factors that makes a workplace productive. If you are not motivated enough to do what you are doing, the time will slip by, with not much done. During this phase, you are busy keeping yourself distracted and when you notice that you have deadlines to catchup on, your productivity is affected. With the worries of time running by, it’s difficult to stay focused on the tasks in hand and so less work becomes so much more.

Why invest in company culture at all.?

For a company to grow, it’s not about an individual or the work a team is doing, but about how productively and together a team is moving.
We spend most of our day in the workplace and if we are not comfortable with people around us, it will not get the best out of us.
If most of our day is be spent around people we don’t care about, we don't really have a reason to work for the company, we are just getting paid. With positive team building and motivated environment everyone will be more willing to take challenges, not because they can do it, but because they are confident about themselves as a team.

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