Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking through someone else's eyes

A lot of things happen around you every day, you capture some moments and they stay and the rest just fade away. The captured ones are your view, sometimes you see things the way you want and sometimes the way you don't want, but the faded ones are the ones you missed and might never know about.

You can't capture everything and you are allowed to miss the unimportant parts, but what if you see from someone's eyes and find that unimportant to be very important. It was something you missed, for you it just went away like a blur, but for someone it was strong and sharp, with every single detail in the picture as clear as it was, they lived every second past that moment, which just slipped away from your hand like sand.

It's time to live it with them, clear that blurred picture and fill colors in today's capture, colors so bright that yesterday is lost in today's light.

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  1. Awesome post loved this remembrance ✌💞


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