Sunday, March 29, 2015

More you use creativity, more you have it

Creativity works like a muscle, more stress you put on it and more you stretch it to the limits, more effective it will become. It’s about not settling to the good and trying to be as close to the best as possible. When you already have a solution to a problem, look for new ways to solve it, and in that attempt, you will fail and that is what you need. Failing is the process of creating new things, solving big problems or being creative, you fail because it’s not easy and if it’s easy anyone can do it.

To be creative you need to explore more and more, don’t restrict yourself to a particular domain or subject, keep learning and look for connection between things.

It’s about seeing things from different perspectives, making sense by mixing different subjects, that is what effective creativity is, connecting things.
It’s not a skill, that you can directly learn from somewhere, creativity is an art that is developed. Your creativity is shaped by your experiences, you just need to be aware and live the moments to experience it, otherwise they are just memories.
Creativity doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye, it’s a process, a process of carrying the thought with you until it makes sense.
Things might not be that obvious when you start, it might not make any sense, but just stick to it and look for connecting it with the things around you and out of no where you will have a solution. The first solution might not be the perfect one, but you will have the direction to follow.

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