Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's about managing focus, not time

We live in a world full of chaos and our Universe works in a random way, so no one knows what’s coming up next. No matter how much you plan your tasks and fit them into time slots, you will still miss something.You don't really have much control on how you want to spend your day, you can plan it up to some extent and the other hours are reactions to things around you.

Time is a constant and it’s the same for everyone, it will flow as it flows, with that very same speed. You might think you have control over it, but it just slips by.

As you start planning your days with slotting tasks in the allotted 24 hours, you seem to be doing fine in the beginning. But then one day you realise, you missed a few tasks in the last few days and now it looks tough to catch up.

The only thing that is in your control is the focus, the moment when you are with yourself. Managing time might seem to be the most obvious thing, but focus is what helps you hit with the full swing. No matter whether you have one hour or one day to finish a task, if your focus is rough, whatever time you have will not be enough.

Don't let distractions drive you away, they are not there to stay. Distractions are what drive you away from focus and your tasks. Filter out distractions as much as you can and build your focus, as it is the most powerful tool you have in your control. Focus on one thing at a time and your productivity will flow and you will be able to get more done in that same limited time.

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