Sunday, June 14, 2015

Days pass and things change

As we live and move forward in time, the days pass with a different experience everyday. We lived yesterday, we are living today and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. As we will enter tomorrow it will turn into today with a new experience. We expect to carry our yesterday as we enter a new today, we want to follow and experience those same patterns we had yesterday.

We are a part of overlapping stories, stories which we are creating in our lives with others around us. So many experiences overlap with a different view towards all those passing moments, but all the characters share those same experiences. These overlapping experiences fade with distance and when the stories stop overlapping, the experiences are different.

As the time passes it’s difficult to keep track of all the experiences, as the stories are now different. It becomes difficult to understand the current passage, as you have missed a few pages. The connection is still there with the memories of that overlapping phase, but since then things have changed, you can now see the change, but the reason is missing.

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