Saturday, June 13, 2015

You are never lost: going through difficult times

The positive side during the bad times in life
We all have those low times, when we feel lost somewhere in the unknown. There is no force that can pull us back to the known. We all go through a series of days or weeks or even months where nothing seems right. We think a lot about not being on the right side of things, and just the thought of being on the wrong side takes you deeper and deeper into that state of negativity.
We fight against a storm so strong, which takes everything away to where everything is wrong. Wait, I am still here and not even a single tear. I fought and it took everything, but it's my world and I am the king. The difficult times do take a lot away from you- your time, your energy, your efforts and so much more, but nothing will be able to take the fundamental things from you, the things which make you who you are.

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