Saturday, June 27, 2015

You are powerful

Power itself is a strong word. It could be because of the social factors which suit you, but that power is always temporary.
Every one of us has a permanent power within us, that makes us who we are and gives us the reasons to sustain as a living being on this planet.
That power, that strength, decides how we react to situations hitting us everyday, as we face challenges and come out of them stronger, we add power. The challenges could be difficult or easy, it all depends on that internal strength within us, we are the ones who decide whether things are easy or tough.

We belong to this world and the problems are in this world only, everyone of us has similar power and resources to face it. So the next time when you are hit with a problem, make it easy, search for that power within yourself needed to face it, crush it and add its power to yours.

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