Saturday, July 18, 2015

Someone makes you happy when you are sad

Having something positive around you when you are sad is the best thing you could ask for. You are overthinking on things, speculating things shouldn’t have happened as they happened, but suddenly someone steps in to interrupt your overthinking. They came because they want to see you happy, and you want to share because you want them to know what’s in your head.
You miss them so much because they are the one person you want to share the story with, you don’t tell them that you are sad, they just know it.
They stay there with you to make sure that you are fine, they want you to feel secure and touch some happiness with them, you might not be fully happy but there will be some improvement.

They are there in your life as a ray of light among the dark clouds. They have so much light for you which you cannot see because you are blocking it with the black clouds of thoughts in your head, but they still sneak in to give you some light. Believe in them and believe in what they believe for you.

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