Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Your happiness zone

You are not fine and out of nowhere you enter your zone of happiness, you feel you are coming back and you will be fine again. It’s a temporary fix, you just need to be in that zone to feel happy and wish that you were there always, but it’s a big world; you will have to step out of that zone every once in a while and that’s when it hurts. You need to toughen up and show that you can be strong outside of your zone. You just need one thing; you need to figure out what is your strength in that zone and take your happiness out with you to explore other zones.
Finding happiness
The moment you think, just a few minutes back you were happy in that zone and as you move a little bit, you are lost again. You are trying to find something, something that you know exists but are unsure where to find it and that is taking all of your strength. You are trying hard to understand, you are using all that you know, but still unable to find answers.
You need a different perspective towards things, you need someone to guide you through something which is unknown to you, but known to them. You need to try to see the world from their eyes, what they see in you, why they believe in you. It’s their faith that will drive you forward, if you believe in them you should believe in yourself, at least for them. They will be there, always beside you, they will try their best to keep your zone always with you, but they just want you to try, try your best.

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